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Getting into a relationship with someone you like can be a nice feeling. But creating a successful, lasting relationship requires effort and respect.

People want different things from a relationship. Some people want a casual relationship, some want romance, some want sex and others want someone to be close to. Some people are attracted to the opposite sex and some people are attracted to the same sex.

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Before you get into a relationship ask yourself:

What do I want from a relationship?

What don’t I want?

What qualities do I like in a person?

What don’t I like?

Tips for a successful relationship

Communication - Talking honestly and openly will enable you to get to know each other better, solve problems and settle disagreements.

Trust - A relationship without trust can make you sad. If you're unnecessarily suspicious, jealous and untrusting, you could drive your partner away and make yourself unhappy. Try building an honest and open relationship within which you can trust each other.

Laughter - Enjoy each other and have fun.

Romance – Make your relationship special. Here are some ways.

Respect - Respect is about understanding that other people are different to you and accepting that others have the right to do and say what they want as long as nobody else is harmed.

Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy. If someone you're with is making you feel bad - you may need to change things. Click here for more information.

Are you ready to have sex?

If you are in a relationship you may be thinking about having sex. This can be an exciting and scary time but there are some things to think about first.

It can be hard to decide when the right time for you to have sex is. It is important to remember the decision to have sex for the first time or anytime is yours.

The law says that you should not have sex until you are 16 years old (this is called the ‘age of consent’ and applies to gay and straight sexual activity). This may be the legal age of consent but it does not always mean it is the right time for you. Being ready will happen at a different time for everyone. It should be based on your decision not because of peer pressure.

Not everybody is doing it! Most people have sex for the first time when they're 16 or older, not before. If someone’s boasting about having sex, it’s possible that they’re pretending.

Check out the Only When I am Ready Quiz. If you find yourself answering yes to most of these questions then you’re probably ready, but remember even when you do feel ready – it still doesn’t mean you have to!

Safer sex - When you decide to have sex, there's the possibility of pregnancy and/or catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Whoever you're thinking of having sex with, it's important to talk about contraception and condoms before you have sex. Both of you have a responsibility to have this conversation. You can get confidential advice and free condoms and contraception from sexual health services near to you.

You can get contraception free from SHOUT 4YP by calling or texting one of our nurses:


07943 510 643


07943 510 641


07484 543 904

Or visit them at their clinic.