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Document Downloads

The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

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Available downloads

Summer Uni 2014 Brochure

Summer Uni 2014 Brochure. Booking is essential and available on a first come first served basis.

Summer Uni 2014 Brochure PDF(PDF)

Size: 6.82 MB

Estimated download time: (56k = 17 mins 2 secs)

Summer Uni 2014 Enrolment Form

Summer Uni Enrolment Form. Please download and save it to your folder. You can then fill and print out ready for the enrolment process.

Summer Uni 2014 Enrolment Form DOC(DOC)

Size: 36.5 KB

Estimated download time: (56k = 6 secs)

Summer Programme 2015 - Parent Guidelines

Accredited Summer Youth Activities and Courses 2015 - Guidelines for Parents. Information for parents and carers about the Summer 2015 programme and important points to note.

Summer 2015 Programme - Parent Guidelines PDF(PDF)

Size: 363.32 KB

Estimated download time: (56k = 54 secs)

Summer Programme 2015 Enrolment Form

Enrolment and Photo Consent Form to be completed for each young person.

Summer 2015 Programme Enrolment Form DOC(DOC)

Size: 172.5 KB

Estimated download time: (56k = 26 secs)

Summer Programme 2015

See the full programme of accredited courses taking place at our youth centres this summer. To book your place get the course code and fill in the enrolment form.

Summer Programme 2015 PDF(PDF)

Size: 293.48 KB

Estimated download time: (56k = 43 secs)

Summer Activity 2015 Programme Feedback Form

Feedback form for the Summer Activity 2015 Programme for parents and carers of participants

Feedback form for parents and carers DOC(DOC)

Size: 26 KB

Estimated download time: (56k = 4 secs)