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Waste Collection Service consultation

Why is change needed?

Since 2010 Enfield Council has made savings of £178million due to Government spending cuts and increasing demand pressure on services. We need to make a further saving of £18million in 2019/2020 in order to balance the budget.

After years of cutbacks there are no more easy savings to be made and some difficult decisions are needed to ensure we can make further savings whilst setting a sustainable budget. Some of the difficult decisions we have to consider may mean that the Council delivers services differently. We can also use the Council’s reserves but these are limited and / or increase Council tax further.

We spend around £15million per year on collecting and disposing of household rubbish and recycling across the borough. Costs for treating recycling are increasing and the cost of disposing of your household rubbish (grey-lid bin), which is significantly more than recycling treatment costs, are also likely to increase. If savings are not made through the household rubbish and recycling collection service, then the Council will have to identify and implement savings in other services from across the Council.

We currently collect your household rubbish (grey-lid bin) weekly, your dry recycling (blue-lid bin) weekly and your mixed food and garden waste (green-lid bin) fortnightly.

We are proposing changes to the collections for household rubbish and recycling from properties with a wheeled bin.

We are not proposing any change to flats with shared bins, or flats that don’t have a wheeled bin.

What is our proposal?

We have looked at what arrangements other councils have in place and what would be a reasonable change to how we could make household rubbish and / or recycling collections. 

We have developed seven proposals for collecting your household rubbish and recycling. Information on alternative proposals considered and on how we got to these seven proposals can be found here.

The criteria for the options appraisal will be financial savings, conformity with the Mayor’s Environment Strategy, and the responses to the consultation. To that end, the Council is facing significant budget pressures and the primary driver will be the amount of financial savings projected. All options will be considered in light of the consultation responses and all relevant factors will be considered before a decision is reached.

The London Mayor has produced an Environment Strategy for London. To comply with the strategy, we should be looking at what we can do to recycle more of the waste we collect from across the borough and collect food waste separately for recycling by 2020. We currently collect food waste mixed together with garden waste, but it is still recycled.

We are seeking your views on the future of the waste collection service, we have developed seven proposals to consult on along with keeping the current service as it is and an opportunity for you to provide us with any alternative suggestions or comments. The projected costs, savings and recycling benefits for the seven proposals and our current service are set out in the box below.

Waste consultation proposal table

The above table can be viewed here.

Changing the way we collect our household rubbish and recycling means we could save between £97,000 and £2.8million every year and possibly reinvest money back into services if the savings allows this.  For example, the high projected savings in proposal 7 could provide us with an opportunity to reinvest some money, £500,000 back into our street cleaning and fly tip removals, a service which could improve the general appearance of your area and still make significant savings of over £2million. This Council’s priorities include a commitment to achieving a clean and tidy environment for Enfield.

We would like your views on this and any other suggestions you may have for putting the money back into Council services.

Proposals 2 and 3 do not increase our recycling performance where proposals 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 do increase our recycling performance.

Proposals 2, 4 and 6 will not enable the Council to meet the London Strategy objectives of delivering a separate food waste collection service by 2020, where proposals 1, 3, 5 and 7 would provide a separate food waste collection.

We appreciate you may have concerns with all or some of the proposals. Some concerns may already be addressed through our current policies which you may not be aware of.  If you still have concerns, then we would like to hear your views on what we could do to help manage any change.

Increasing how much we recycle dry recycling in your blue-lid bin, mixed food and garden waste in your green lidded bin or food collected separately is good for the environment and saves money because every tonne of recycling is cheaper to treat than it is to dispose of household rubbish.

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If you have any questions about this consultation, or require assistance in participating, please email

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