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Edmonton eco-park planning brief adopted

Published Monday, 15 July 2013

Enfield Council has adopted a Planning Brief for the Edmonton EcoPark site to encourage greener waste management, affordable heating for homes and businesses, create jobs and outline how the site should be redeveloped in coming years.

The North London Waste Authority owned EcoPark in Advent Way, Edmonton, deals with more than 730,000 tonnes of waste and recycling each year and is the largest site of its kind in north London. It plays a crucial role in helping to manage the areas' waste and the adopted Planning Brief sets out what new state of-the-art waste management facilities are suitable for the site. 

It also explains what should happen when the existing incinerator is decommissioned in 2020 and how the redevelopment of the site can deliver high tech waste facilities, boost employment, provide a heat supply to 10,000 homes and more than 150 businesses, while minimising the impact of its activities on the thousands of people living nearby.

Each year residents and businesses in north London generate 2.3 million tonnes of waste and a further 2.2 million tonnes of construction, demolition and excavation material is also produced annually. 

With the Mayor of London setting an overall target for London to manage all its own waste by 2031, boroughs are required to have sufficient capacity to deal with waste.  The Edmonton EcoPark will play a key role in achieving this objective, but is also part of bigger plans to regenerate and improve this area of the borough for local residents and businesses.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Business and Regeneration, Cllr Del Goddard, said: "We need to be self sufficient in terms of dealing with the waste we produce and the Edmonton EcoPark will play an absolutely vital role in achieving that objective which is why we have produced this Planning Brief setting out how the site should evolve and develop in the coming years.

"It is becoming clear  that  the material we throw away is too valuable for it not to be used to make new products from the plastic, metal and glass we collect and for  other materials to be turned into energy.

"Energy from waste is something that local homes and businesses can use at lower costs and without the fear of loss of supply, therefore the future of the Edmonton EcoPark is massively important for people living around it and for the future of waste management in North London as a whole.

"We want to promote  waste as a useful resource through recycling and energy recovery and that is reflected in the type of development we want to see on the EcoPark. 

"This is a great opportunity to change the way we deal with waste at the EcoPark by moving towards recycling and producing affordable energy for local homes and businesses by using the most advanced technologies possible."

The Planning Brief anticipates that new facilities on site would be developed in two phases, the first would involve developing facilities around the existing incinerator facility prior to its decommissioning which would then allow the second phase of redevelopment to start.

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