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Enfield Council asks children to make a Smart Swap

Published Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Make some healthy eating choices!

healthy eating

This week Cllr Christine Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing and Public Health from Enfield Council visited Eastfield Primary School in Enfield to promote a new national initiative which is encouraging parents to ditch junk food in favour of healthier options.

The council is supporting the Change4Life campaign which encourages families to sign up to ‘Smart Swaps’ and make one easy change this January – like swapping sugary drinks for sugar free drinks, and crisps for fruit.

The Smart Swaps activity forms part of the council’s priority of tackling obesity in young people, it has done this by:
• Encouraging physical activity in children and young people through the successful ‘Everybody Active’ programme;
• Helping schools offer meals which meet high nutritional standards, and breakfast clubs have been set up in many primary schools;
• Seeing schools run cookery programmes for children and food growing projects within their grounds.

Cllr Hamilton said: “Tackling childhood obesity is a very important priority in Enfield, and promoting a better diet will help us reduce the number of overweight or obese young people in our borough.

“We are asking families to think about replacing one or two unhealthy snacks with healthy options, just small changes can make a big difference to how we look and feel about ourselves.”

Christalla Jamil, Headteacher of Eastfield Primary School said “We are delighted to support Enfield Council and the Smart Swaps initiative.

“For our children who choose to have packed lunches we really would like parents to make a healthy choice, for example choosing fruit and juice instead of crisps and biscuits. It is never too early to get into a healthy eating habit.”

Among the Smart Swaps being advised is exchanging children’s sweet drinks for sugar-free versions, water or milk, trading cheese for low-fat options, swapping butter for margarine or spreads and choosing low-sugar cereals.

To sign-up and choose your swaps this January, search Change4Life online Smartswaps

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