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True grit as Enfield gears up for winter

Published Thursday, 21 November 2013

With winter fast approaching, Enfield Council’s Highways team has been gearing up and preparing for the freezing temperatures ahead.

The Council has stockpiled more than 2,000 tonnes of grit and identified which key routes will be gritted in the borough so motorists and public transport services can get around safely. 

Enfield Council uses 20 tonnes of grit to treat 276 kilometres of road or 47 per cent of the borough’s road network every time they grit the roads.

These routes cover the whole bus network and all strategic traffic routes and represents a higher proportion of the overall road network than many other London boroughs.

In order to keep routes running smoothly, the Council uses precautionary salting, to prevent ice and snow from forming on roads and uses post salting, to melt snow and ice that has already formed.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: “ We have had to deal with some extremely cold conditions in recent years which have left us more prepared than ever before to deal with winter weather. Residents should be assured that dedicated members of staff are ready to start gritting and that we are ready to deal with any cold snaps or extended periods of cold weather that might come our way.

"We get a weather forecast specifically for our road network and have two dedicated weather stations in Enfield to help us decide when we need to grit our key routes and we've got enough grit to last for extended periods of freezing weather.

"Basically we're as prepared as we can be and I'm confident we'll be able to cope with anything the weather can throw at us this year."

Ahead of the freezing weather and in event of snow being predicted, the council will despatch gritters and the Cleansing Department will also work to clear the pavements and provide ‘self-help’ salt sacks which will be located in different areas of the borough for residents to use across the footway network ahead of severe weather warnings.

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