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Enfield Council supports World AIDS Day

Published Thursday, 28 November 2013

Enfield Council is supporting World AIDS Day.

AIDS Day Enfield Council has launched a campaign corresponding with World AIDS Day (1 December) to encourage people to think about having an HIV test. An HIV test can be done quickly at your GP surgery, sexual health clinic or you can ask for an online self-sampling test.

One in five people with HIV are not aware that they have the infection and need to be tested. Around half of the people newly diagnosed with HIV in 2012 were identified late, and by encouraging earlier and more frequent HIV testing, especially by those most at-risk, we can help reduce new HIV infections. Early diagnosis of HIV can enable people to access treatment and reduce onward transmission. Furthermore, early HIV diagnosis and timely treatment can nowadays mean HIV positive people live nearly as long as anyone else.

HIV testing is increasing among those most at risk; this is men who have sex with men and the African community. However, we need to keep the momentum up so that people who are currently undiagnosed can take control of their health, start treatment when they should and avoid passing the virus on.

If people with HIV are not treated early, there can be poor outcomes for health.

Cllr Christine Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said “It is important to get tested regularly for HIV if you are one of those most-at-risk. When individuals are unaware of their HIV status, they can pass the virus on and testing early for HIV means that people who need to start taking HIV treatment can do so without delay.”

The test is free, confidential and voluntary. Early diagnosis enables better treatment outcomes by reducing the damage HIV can cause to the immune system. Treatment for HIV in the UK is free, regardless of immigration status.

For free and confidential advice about HIV or to find out where you can get an HIV test visit:
NHS Choices 
NHS or Startswithme
To find your nearest sexual health clinic go here Healthclinic
Self sampling kits can be found here Kits

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