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It’s Never OK to Drink and Drive

Published Friday, 22 November 2013

A new campaign is being launched by Enfield Council in the run up to Christmas to urge motorists not to drink if they are planning to drive.

The ‘It’s Never OK to Drink and Drive’ initiative has been created to remind everyone that as Christmas and the New Year arrive, people must have travel plans that don’t involve drinking and driving.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond said “Christmas and New Year nights out are just around the corner, and we’re urging people getting behind the wheel not to drink and drive so that these traditional festive celebrations don’t turn into a tragedy for anyone.

“It’s important people make sensible plans if they are going out for the evening to make sure they keep themselves safe. People going out with a group of friends should designate one person to drive who avoids drinking alcohol completely.

“Drinking and driving impairs your judgement and turns you into a danger to other road users. If you drink before you get behind the wheel you are risking not just your own life but that of others. People over the legal limit need to understand that they could automatically lose their licence, face a huge fine or even go to prison. You have to ask yourself is it worth risking all that for a drink.”

People jumping in the car the morning after a night out will also be targeted. If you have been out drinking, you may still be affected by alcohol the next day; sleeping, eating, having a shower, drinking a cup of coffee or other ways of ‘sobering up’ do not work. The only way to get alcohol out of your system is to wait for your body to break it down – a process that takes roughly an hour for every unit of alcohol you drink. A fifth of people convicted of drink driving are caught the morning after a night out.

The campaign will be backed up with poster and radio advertising, blogs, competitions and social media posts that will reach thousands of people, to spread the campaign’s message to a wide audience.

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