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Register now, vote later

Published Monday, 11 November 2013

Enfield Council’s electoral services team is updating the electoral register by asking the public to respond as soon as possible to the registration forms that have been distributed to all households.

On Thursday 22 May 2014 two elections will be taking place. One will be to elect a new council for Enfield for the next four years and the other will be to elect members of the European Parliament for the next five years.

Head of Electoral Services, Peter Stanyon, said, “We have sent forms with information about who is living at addresses to all households and want people to check that it is correct or to inform us of any changes. 

“Almost 50% of households have already responded but we need the other 50% to do so as soon as possible to avoid us having to start knocking on doors to over the Christmas period to chase the information.

“People move away and others come to Enfield. Many young people will reach voting age and some people will sadly have passed away. So the register must be updated.

“Only those who are on the register can vote, so we are saying to the public – respond as soon as possible, we don’t want anyone to miss the chance to vote.”

If there are no changes to the information, residents can respond to the council online, by SMS text or over the phone – the number appears on the form.

Responding straight away reduces administration costs for the council. To find out more click here, call the election hotline on 020 8379 8582 or email.


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