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Dispersal zones introduced to tackle anti-social behaviour

Published Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Enfield Council and the Metropolitan Police have joined forces to introduce a Dispersal Zone in the area surrounding St George’s Field, Enfield to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

It was introduced in response to requests from residents and the general public, in the area surrounding Sherbourne and Rodean estates, to tackle small crimes such as shop lifting and anti-social behaviour from a group of young people.

The zone, which comes into force on Sunday 20 October 2013 and lasts six months, required police and council agreement. It will give police the power to disperse groups of people they think are causing trouble or distress to the public.  If the young people return to the area within 24 hours they will face arrest and possible prosecution, whereas children under the age of 16 will be escorted home to their parents.

A4 posters will be put up in and around the dispersal zone to inform the public of what is happening in their area, and leaflets are being given out to any young people causing trouble with information about youth clubs and centres they can go to instead of creating anti-social behaviour on the streets.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing and Public Health, Cllr Christine Hamilton, said: "This zone has been introduced as a direct result of Enfield Council and the Metropolitan Police listening to residents’ concerns and coming up with an effective way to tackle them.

We want people to know that the police will only target the people that are causing trouble and disruption, and be reassured that there will be alternative safe places for the people causing trouble to go and socialise, such as Youth Centres and Clubs that go on until late evening.”

Supt Jon Speed from Enfield Police, said: "This dispersal zone demonstrates the response from Enfield Council and the police to tackle low-level crimes and anti-social behaviour.

"Working together with different services from Enfield Council enables us to directly target the issues at hand, and ensure the group of people causing trouble are moved and given the opportunity to go somewhere safe."

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