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Solar Power at the Civic

Published Thursday, 17 October 2013

Solar power shines on the Civic!

solar power

An ambitious project of cost saving measures, worth £1.7 million, has been launched by Enfield Council to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings across the borough.

To mark this Cllr Chris Bond, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Cllr Andrew Stafford, Cabinet Member for Finance and Property, saw for themselves this week the new solar (photovoltaic) panels which have been fitted to the flat roof of the Civic Centre.

Enfield’s Civic Centre is one of 14 buildings to benefit from the RE:FIT Scheme, which also includes 11 of Enfield’s schools, Millfield Theatre and Charles Babbage House.

Following recent energy improvements at Southgate School, the panels have just been installed at the Civic Centre. Other energy improvements following by the end of the year include lighting upgrades, increased insulation, improved energy controls, new chiller units at the Civic and a new swimming pool cover at St Ignatius College.  

Cllr Chris Bond, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment said “Enfield Council is leading the way by helping to save money by saving energy.

“RE:FIT delivers guaranteed energy savings and based on today's energy prices this will save us an estimated £240,000 each year, meaning we’ll recoup our money in just seven years. Through the Enfield 2020 Sustainability Programme, we are working hard to help Enfield’s residents save money by saving energy.

"In March 2013 Enfield Council also succeeded in bringing up to £10 million British Gas ECO funding into Enfield. This funding is now being used to improve the energy performance of up to 1,000 council homes, which is forecast to save residents up to £400 per year.”

Cllr Andrew Stafford, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Property said “Enfield Council sees the bigger picture and wherever possible we are using our energy projects to support local businesses and jobs. For example, Enfield based company 3L Electrical has gained over one third of the total contract value for RE:FIT, worth over £0.5 million. Barnet and Southgate College has recently launched solid wall insulation training for unemployed Enfield residents. The council is also supported Enfield’s businesses to become accredited energy installers, so they can benefit from the growing energy retrofit market.”

RE:FIT is just one of over 50 projects in the Enfield 2020 Action Plan. To find out more about Enfield 2020 and how RE:FIT is part of something bigger, please visit: 2020

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