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Youth Crime at an all time low

Published Monday, 09 September 2013

An innovative scheme by Enfield Council and the Metropolitan Police which slashed youth crime by nearly 60% over a four year period has won a prestigious award.

Enfield Council scooped the Problem Orientated Partnership Award at New Scotland Yard on Monday 9 September for its initiative in the Safer Communities Category which has seen youth crime in the borough fall to an all time low.

The initiative was introduced in 2009 in response to a spate of mobile phone robberies committed during term time and after school by older school children against more junior students who were usually so scared of reprisals that they were unwilling to give evidence in court.

The scheme saw all pupils moving to secondary school being taught crime awareness to reduce their risk of being victimised and having their mobile phone stolen, free mobile phone registrations for pupils. An anonymous online reporting scheme where young people could report crime was set up and several extensive anti-bullying schemes were introduced.

Enfield Council and the Metropolitan Police also introduced mobile CCTV cameras, staggered closing times for schools, mobile youth centres and diversionary activities for young people.

Brought in dispersal zones in areas with high crime rates, giving the police the power to move on groups of people who were suspected of being up to no good, issued anti-social behaviour orders to known robbers and ran truancy patrols and substance misuse programmes to rehabilitate offenders.

The Metropolitan Police and Enfield Council initiative was so successful that youth crime dropped by 59.2% between 2009 and 2013, dramatically reduced crimes around schools, increased the number of arrests as robberies were taking place by 83 per cent and successfully rehabilitated half of all drug misusing criminals so that they no longer offended.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing and Public Health, Cllr Christine Hamilton, said: “We do not tolerate crimes against young children regardless of who they are perpetrated by and we have worked incredibly hard to make our school pupils safe and identify and capture those responsible for these despicable crimes.

“I am delighted that street robberies against our children are at an all-time low thanks to our efforts over the last four years and this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Council and police officers who put together a tremendous project to tackle a crime which is of great concern to school children and parents alike.”

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