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Cllr Georgiou takes the Highway

Published Monday, 12 August 2013

Last week the Deputy Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Achilleas Georgiou, came to see for himself the reporting pathway for the newest set of online services which have been launched allowing people to report highway issues online, quickly and easily.

do it online

The new online services accessed under the ‘Report It’ button on the website allows residents to report a wide range of issues on roads, pavements and the street, 24 hours a day, by computer, smartphone or tablet.

Cllr Georgiou visited the team who receive the live forms, watching as they came in, and saw for himself that the most common reports received are about potholes, faulty street lights, overhanging bushes / trees and cracked / broken pavements.

Once forms are received by the team an officer is sent to survey the problem, and if a repair is required it is usually carried out within 28 days, unless it is urgent.

After meeting the team Cllr Georgiou went to see a pothole repaired which was reported through the online service.

Provided a resident enters their contact details at the time of reporting the issue,  they can check on its progress, using the reference number provided.

Cllr Achilleas Georgiou, Deputy Leader of Enfield Council said  “This service is fantastic. If anyone sees a problem anywhere in the borough that needs attention, whether it is a pothole, or an issue with the street lights, pavements, bushes or trees they just go online to the ‘Report It’ section, fill in a few details and we do the rest.

“The process is simple, quick and easy to do. It was very interesting to meet the teams and see the whole process from start to finish, how quick it is to fill out an online form, see one received and then watch the team actually fixing the problem at the end of the process.

“Enfield Council’s website now ranks number two out of all 436 UK Local authority websites for performance, links and accessibility according to the SiteMorse checking service. Why not go online and see what you can do?”

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