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Rogue landlords on notice to quit

Published Friday, 24 May 2013

Enfield Council has joined the growing number of councils signing up to the Shelter Campaign to get tough with rogue landlords.

By signing up to the campaign, Enfield Council is not only pledging its support, but also taking steps to deal with the number of landlords who fail to provide satisfactory housing.

Cllr Ahmet Oykener, Enfield Council’s Cabinet member for Housing, said, “Enfield Council supports Shelter’s campaign to expose the appalling practices of rogue landlords who fail to maintain their properties and yet are prepared to let them at vastly inflated rents to people who are desperate for a home.

“This is a scourge which condemns some private sector tenants to live in often damp and dangerous conditions. Driven by greed and taking advantage of the housing crisis these landlords bring the private rented sector into disrepute.

“Enfield Council does all it can to encourage responsible and fair landlords and will help and advise tenants of their rights. The council also takes legal action if landlords persist in renting substandard property.

“Shelter’s campaign shines a light on a serious matter and Enfield Council is pleased to actively support it.”

Over the past ten years, the number of people renting from a private landlord has increased hugely. And it will continue to rise as waiting lists for social housing grow and more people are priced out of home ownership.

As demand for rented homes increases, rogue landlords flourish, taking advantage of people with limited choices.

Anyone renting a property from a private landlord deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. Whilst most landlords are responsible and honest, a minority of rogue landlords are getting away with renting out homes that are in an appalling state of repair. They are deliberately exploiting their tenants.

Living in rundown or unsafe housing can have a devastating effect on people’s health – especially children.

Cllr Oykener continued. “Landlords who believe that they can rent a property which does not meet accepted safety standards are put on notice to improve.

“Council officers can offer landlords advice and information on how properties can be improved and how they can become part of our responsible landlord scheme.

“We want to create a strong private rented sector where responsible landlords can be proud of their properties and their services in the community.

“But we will not hesitate to take the necessary legal action against rogue landlords.”

Enfield Council will:
- enforce the laws that already exist to stamp out rogue landlords
- prosecute rogue landlords when they do not comply with the law
- publicise their tough stance on rogue landlords in the local press
- give renters the support they need to bring complaints to the council
- proactively inspect properties to make sure that they are appropriate homes for renters.

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