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Enfield Council wins legal fight to evict squatters

Published Wednesday, 08 May 2013

Enfield Council has won a legal battle to evict squatters from one of its buildings.

Prior to the illegal occupation, the property in Bowes Road was due to be sold and contracts had been exchanged. The illegal occupation meant the money due to be raised from that sale could potentially have been lost at a time when Enfield Council is experiencing significant spending cuts from central government

But on Wednesday 1 May at Barnet County Court, the squatters finally admitted they had to go and are required under a court order to leave by Wednesday 29 May. The judge awarded Enfield Council almost £5,000 in costs.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: "The Judge commented that Enfield Council had no other option but to seek a court possession order because of the squatters' behaviour and that the squatters had no legal defence for their actions.

"Throughout this process Enfield Council has dealt with this illegal occupation in a reasonable, measured and fair way while making it extremely clear that we will not be held to ransom by groups of individuals who think it is acceptable to illegally occupy other people's property.

"The outcome of today's court hearing is a victory for common sense and we now call on those people illegally occupying our property to vacate it peacefully as they have promised, so we can finalise the sale of this building and ensure the funds raised can be ploughed into vital services for our children and communities."

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