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Enfield 2020 Scheme to save millions

Published Wednesday, 01 May 2013

A scheme which will see energy efficiency measures installed in 14 corporate buildings will save Enfield Council millions of pounds and significantly reduce carbon emissions in the coming years.

Enfield Council's Cabinet has decided to approve a £1.7 million investment, with work scheduled to begin this summer to improve the energy performance of the Civic Centre, Charles Babbage House, Millfield Theatre and 11 of Enfield’s schools. This project forms part of the London wide REFIT programme and the borough's Enfield 2020 sustainability programme.

The council expects the amount saved to top £1 million by 2020. Based on today's energy prices Enfield’s REFIT project will save £240,000 per year, with a pay back of just seven years. With an expected increase in energy prices of up to 10% per year, the financial savings will increase still further, paying back in just five years.

The energy efficiency improvements in Enfield will reduce expenditure on gas, electricity and hot water. Work will include replacing inefficient boilers and air conditioning units, providing better insulation, installing low energy lighting, and installing photovoltaic panels on the two-storey Civic Centre roof.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: "Energy prices are expected to soar in the coming years and like residents, Enfield Council needs to ensure it minimises its energy expenditure to keep costs down and maximise the amount of money available to invest in vital front line services.

"We are looking at every penny we spend to make sure we squeeze as much value as possible out of our budget. This project is an important part of the Enfield 2020 Sustainability Programme, which aims to save energy and deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to the borough.”

"We realise we need to do things in new, innovative and different ways and use the newest technology so that Enfield Council can meet the challenges of the 21st Century and build a better borough for everyone. The REFIT project and the wider Enfield 2020 Sustainability Programme is a reflection of that reality."

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