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Garfield Primary School to be rebuilt

Published Monday, 29 April 2013

Enfield Council's cabinet has agreed an exciting and innovative scheme to demolish and rebuild Garfield Primary School as part of its plans to provide thousands of extra primary school places in the borough.

The new school will have three forms of entry, an increase of one, and provide places for an additional 210 pupils over seven years - playing a significant contribution to the council's Primary Expansion Programme.

The current Garfield Primary School buildings were earmarked for expansion but the new proposals will overcome construction issues, as the school is currently built on a slope.

Although the governors and school staff were in favour of the original proposal to expand, their concerns, along with some extra data about future demand for school places in Enfield, means that the council has looked at the proposals again and concluded that the land around the school site can be used differently to create a better learning and teaching environment than originally planned.

Enfield Council officers will continue talking to representatives from the school, parents and partners to develop detailed plans with the added bonus that the initial work on expanding the current school provides a firm basis to ensure the new school meets the needs of everyone.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Cllr Ayfer Orhan, said: "This is an exciting opportunity to redevelop one of our schools and significantly improve the facilities there. With the regeneration of Ladderswood Estate nearby, it seems appropriate that there will be a new school to serve this community.

"Enfield Council has been working hard to ensure there are sufficient primary school places in this borough and to carry out its duty to provide our increasing school population with a high quality education in safe, secure and good facilities. We're spending £25 million to provide hundreds of extra school places in the areas they are most needed while improving our educational facilities and the redevelopment of Garfield Primary School will form a key part of this project.

"We want parents and communities to tell us what they think of the proposals so we can be sure we get this project right and provide enough school places and high quality facilities for Enfield's pupils in the future.

The school will now be completely rebuilt, with improved educational and community facilities while high quality temporary buildings will be placed on site to deal with the current need for extra reception places in the area.”

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