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Enfield Council highlights £8 million of energy savings

Published Monday, 18 March 2013

Enfield Council has introduced a scheme to reduce energy use in its street lights by more than 40% and save millions of pounds of council taxpayers money over the next 20 years.

The Energy and Services division of Bouygues Construction has been commissioned by the council to install an energy management system on its lights so that lighting levels can be changed as necessary. The overall saving to the borough over the next 20 years is expected to be in the region of £8 million. The initial expenditure paid by the council to install the new software would be recovered within five years with the work being carried out thanks to a £3.7 million interest free loan.

The savings come about because lighting levels are reduced subtly, thus lowering electricity usage without residents noticing any difference to lighting levels. Further savings are achieved by turning lights on later in the evening and off earlier in the morning, the new system will ultimately allow the council to control lights from a central location. So far roughly one in five street lights in Enfield have been converted to the new system and the project is expected to be completed by early next year. 

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: "This is a fantastic project which will save us millions of pounds and improve the quality of our street lighting without having any impact at all on the people who live in this borough.

"We need to find new and innovative ways of finding savings in the current difficult economic period and we are looking at everything we do to ensure all our services are efficient and effective and meet the needs of our residents."

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