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Grit Bags deployed to help residents

Published Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Enfield Council is deploying large bags of salt for residents to use in 22 locations that are not on the borough's normal gritting route during freezing temperatures.

 The one tonne bags are located at strategic points around the borough and residents are welcome to help themselves to salt so they can clear pavements or driveways near their homes.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Chris Bond, said: "We work tirelessly to keep our main routes open during freezing temperatures but unfortunately we can't grit every inch of road and pavement in our borough. We've deployed these bags so that residents who may be away from the main gritting routes have access to salt and can treat their pavements if they wish.

"Our workers are doing a fine job of keeping the borough moving during the snowy weather we've been having, and have done a first rate job in keeping roads, town centres and key locations clear of ice and frost, we'll continue to work hard to keep our borough moving and do everything we can to minimise disruption caused by the weather."

Locations of the salt bags are below:

Hillcrest – N21

Enfield Road / Linkside – EN2

Hoppers Road / Downes Court – N21

Chandos Ave / Brycedale Crescent – N14

Highfield Road – N21

Main Ave / Roman Way – EN2

Grenoble Gardens / St Cuthberts – N13

Raynham Road (outside school) – N13

Ingleton Rd / Middleham Road – N18

Unity Road / Keswick Road – EN1

Manton Road ( Enfield Island Village ) – EN3

Stoneleigh Ave – EN1

Queensway / Kingsway – EN3

Cedar Road / Cemetery – EN2

Cuckoohall Lane / Nightingale Road – N9

Felixstowe Road / Plevna Road – N9

Park Ave / Bush Hill – EN1

Chalk Lane – EN4

Tresillian Ave (off World’s End Lane ) – EN1

Parkview – N14

Lavender Hill j/w Albuherra Close

South Street j/w Church Road


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