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Street sweepers on the road to hell

Published Monday, 12 November 2012

Enfield Council has bitterly condemned fly tippers who tipped bag loads of rubbish along a residential street in the early hours of the morning and is appealing for help in catching those responsible.

Horrified residents in Barnard Road , Enfield , woke on November 6 to the sight of dozens of bags of building waste scattered along the street making it virtually impossible for motorists to navigate safely down the road without striking the debris.

Fortunately following calls to Enfield Council's street sweeping department, the rubbish was promptly cleared and normal standards of cleanliness were restored.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: "It is nothing short of an absolute disgrace that idiots think they can get away with scattering their rubbish down our streets and expect the Council to clear it up after them.

"Our street sweepers do a fantastic job and Enfield is one of the cleanest boroughs in London so it’s a real kick in the teeth for our hard working staff when they turn up to work and find someone has done this, they expect to find a bit of litter when they turn up for work in the morning, but nothing like this.

"It is an messy, unsightly, inconvenience to residents, costs us a fortune to clear up and looks disgusting, basically we cannot accept people turning our roads into dustbins so we're very keen for residents to help us catch the cretins responsible and come forward if they have any information about this crime."

Fly tipping is a criminal offence and carries a maximum penalty of a £50,000 fine or two years imprisonment.

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