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Driving up standards in food businesses

Published Thursday, 17 May 2012

Environmental Health Officers have launched a scheme designed to dramatically improve hygiene standards in Enfield's mankiest restaurants.

Officers from the council are working with 10 food premises which received bad hygiene inspection ratings (zero or one rating ) in a bid to improve standards and minimise the chances of customers suffering food poisoning or other health problems as a result of poor practice.

Experience has shown environmental health officers have found in the past that regular visits, coaching, sampling and advice sessions are the most effective ways of improving hygiene standards.
Since the sessions started six of the 10 premises have increase their star ratings and one, Lucky Star in Hertford Road, increased its hygiene rating from one to a five star rating. The scheme will work with 10 businesses at a time on a rolling basis.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: "We have very high expectations of the operators of food premises in Enfield and we will take appropriate action against any food premises which is unwilling or unable to operate clean and hygienic premises.

"We do know however that there are owners of food premises in this borough who want to run well managed, clean and effective premises, but may not have the know how to do so. In these cases we'll work with them, and give them the information and guidance they need to operate properly.

"Our ultimate aim is to improve standards of hygiene and protect residents from harm and this scheme does both of those things."

Enfield Council will be working with a number of premises which received a zero rating under the new National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme to encourage them to improve standards in coming months.

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