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Main billing information for Council Tax and Housing Benefits

Published Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Here is some information about your Council Tax.

During March 2012 Enfield Council will send over 120,000 council tax bills to residents. This means we'll be very busy answering questions, which can make it difficult for everyone to get through to us by phone. This page tries to explain why we send so many letters and tries to help you understand your letter, or answer any questions you may have.

When will the letters and bills go out?

Council Tax bills - delivered from 14th March 2012 onwards

This will explain how much Council Tax you need to pay from April 2012 onwards. It will take into account any reductions or benefit you may have been awarded.

Benefit entitlement letters - delivered from 19 March 2012 onwards

This will explain how much Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit you have been awarded each week. The amount is based on your household income and capital.

Frequently asked questions

How much do I have to pay?

The total amount due is shown at the bottom right hand corner of your bill.

What does CR mean?

CR is short for credit e.g. a discount or benefit and reduces the amount you have to pay.

Why do you include all this extra information with the bill?

The type of information we have to include in the initial demand notice is controlled by statute so unfortunately Enfield Council has little choice about what we include.

If we send you any revised notices for this account in the year we will not include all this information again.

I don’t normally pay Council Tax as I’m on benefit; why have I got a bill?

We are required by law to send out a notice to each property in our area advising what (if anything) is payable for the following tax year. If your notice shows a £0.00 balance to pay it is for your information only and you do not need to do anything. If it states that payment is required when you do not normally pay we need to check your benefit details to check why payment is now necessary.

I pay my Council Tax by direct debit; do I need to set this up again>

No, the direct debit will automatically be set up for financial year 2012/2013. This will be confirmed at the bottom of your bill.

Why have you sent me the bill in March when it doesn’t start until April?

We send the bills out in March to give everyone as much notice as possible. For people whose instalments start in early April sending the bills this early is essential as we are required to give 14 days notice before an instalment can be due.

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