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Council Tax freeze to be confirmed

Published Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Enfield Council has confirmed that there will be no increase in Council Tax levels next year.

The decision, ratified at the Full Council meeting on February 29, will save the average family (based on a Band D property) £33 next year. The Council decided to freeze Council Tax after feedback from the budget consultation showed support from residents.

The decision means that at £1100.34 council tax levels in Enfield are likely to remain under the Outer London Average, which was £1123.47 last year for a Band D property. It is the third year in succession that Enfield Council has frozen Council Tax levels.

The Council decided to take advantage of the government's offer of freezing Council Tax in return for a subsidy worth the same as a 2.5% rise, but the Council still faces unprecedented cuts in government grants.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Finance and Property, Cllr Andrew Stafford, said: "We want to do all we can to help hard working families and this is a sensible and logical way of slightly easing the financial burden on residents.

"Because of unprecedented government spending cuts, the effect of inflation and an ageing population, Enfield Council needs to save £69 million by 2014/15 but that does not mean we are prepared to squeeze every penny we can out of our residents when they are also feeling the pinch.

"While this grant will help balance our budget using one off funding our preference would be for the government to properly fund local authorities based on need, rather than continue with the current complicated system of subsidies, rebates and redistribution of funds."

"It should be noted that this grant will balance the budget using one-off funding and is therefore both eroding the taxbase and storing up funding gaps for the future when the grant drops out. We all need to be fully aware of the funding gap this will create from 2013/14 onwards and the feedback we've had so far from residents shows they know that Council Tax rises will be needed in the future."

Enfield has a 98% collection rate for Council Tax, a total of 121,400 properties in the borough contribute towards Council Tax

This year (2011/12) Enfield Council was assessed by the government as needing £145 million of central funding to meet the needs of residents. Because of a phenomenon called damping the Government immediately reduced this figure by £15 million and gave it to councils it considered needed it more.

In 2012/13, Enfield Council will lose a further £8m and at present there has been no indication whether Enfield will receive a rebate of this money in later years.

Council Tax Figures 2012/13

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