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Don’t see your money go up in smoke

Published Thursday, 02 February 2012

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health but perhaps what is less well known is how much smoking may cost financially. At about £7.00 for 20 (35p per cigarette) even 10 a day will cost £24.50 a week or £1,274 a year. Even at the lowest rate of income tax of 20% that means you have to earn £1,530 to smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

Now that the Christmas credit card bills have arrived NHS Enfield have teamed up with Barclays Bank to promote the free stop smoking service. 

The stop smoking service has over 80 sites across Enfield which provides One to One support, and has helped over 5,000 people to stop smoking through its 6 week treatment programme.

It has one of the highest quit rates in the country. 

If you want to stop smoking, whatever your motivation please contact the service on 0800 652 8405 or 0208 370 1022 or visit the website at

Cllr Christine Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Public Health said “Enfield Council is launching a campaign to once again warn of not only the dangers inherent in smoking, but the huge cost.

“Giving up smoking can be difficult, especially if you have smoked for a while, but the NHS give all kinds of help to people who want to quit, with advice stop smoking packs and support.

"You don’t have to stop by yourself; stop smoking support is free so please contact the service as soon as you can."

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