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Business boost in Enfield

Published Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Enfield Council and businesses across the borough have signed up to a set of principles designed to boost companies and involve them more in the decision making process.

The Enfield Business Accord was signed on Tuesday 10 January at Enfield Business Centre and is based on the Small Business Engagement Accord produced by the Federation of Small Business and sent to every council in England for them to adopt.
It sets out 14 principles including include nominating business engagement champions from the business community and Council and encouraging greater consultation with a wider range of business and community leaders. 
The accord also sets out minimum notice periods for inviting small businesses to consultation meetings and commenting on policy documents.
Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Business and Regeneration, Cllr Del Goddard, said: “This agreement is a new year's boost for businesses in Enfield.
“This agreement helps involve them in the decisions that affect them and that is good news for everyone in this borough.
“The principles we’re adopting in this accord will help make our businesses more competitive, give residents a boost by encouraging vibrant and thriving high streets and benefit residents because successful companies and shops provide employment at a difficult time economically.”
“We’re working really hard to support businesses in Enfield and help them through the current difficult financial period because we want a booming business and retail sector here when the European economy stabilises.”
Des Johnson, Chief Executive of enterprise Enfield, said: "Enterprise Enfield supports the local authority in this commitment to provide businesses with the fullest opportunity to participate in local democracy and the decision making process."

Chris Gill, Chairman, Enfield EBP for the press release: "The 14 principles espoused in the Accord are ones that we would support and encourage all small businesses to endorse. At the Enfield EBP we wholeheartedly welcome this initiative".

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