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Calls for rail and road improvements

Published Thursday, 08 December 2011

Enfield Council has called for significant improvements to be made to rail and road infrastructure in north London and the Lea Valley corridor to drive growth and attract billions of pounds of investment in coming years.

It is estimated that providing a third rail line between Stratford and Brimsdown, and building the Northern Gateway Access Road linking Brimsdown and the Upper Lee Valley to Junction 26 of the M25, would significantly improve transport links and help to drive investment in the area.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Business and Regeneration, Cllr Del Goddard, said: "There is the potential for 15,700 new homes and 15,000 new jobs in the Upper Lea Valley, but that growth needs the right road and rail network to support it, which is why we are pushing for major upgrades to be carried out to our transport network.

"We estimate that could attract billions in investment to the area, which we estimate will drive London's growth over the next 20 years.

"We know there is a lot of work still to be done before these projects become a reality, but Enfield Council believes there is a strong business case for each of these projects  and the benefits would be immense."

A third rail line would require extra track to be laid between Tottenham Hale and Brimsdown and lead to a regular, resilient and reliable service which in turn would help drive investment into the whole of the Lea Valley.

Cllr Goddard said: "The addition of a third track would help reduce congestion, improve service for travellers and support growth in this area and would mean we wouldn't have to experience the horrific delays we had to put up with on Monday (December 5).

"We believe the third track proposal is the only suitable way of improving the frequency and reliability of the line to accommodate the Stansted Express and the need for stopping trains throughout the area. More limited proposals will not solve the problem nor be good value for money

"The road transport needs of businesses in the Upper Lea Valley have become crucial with severe congestion along Bullsmoor Lane and the junction between the A10 and the M25. This is wasting business time and creating unnecessary pollution . The re-examination of the NGAP scheme is a major priority."

Enfield Council wants to work with its partners regarding the new link road to look at ways of improving access to the M25. In addition, a package of supporting measures would be introduced to improve public transport, walking and cycling as well as create a better environment for residents and businesses in the area.

A reception was held  at the House of Commons on Monday (December 5) to lobby for support for the two projects.


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