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Food safety advice for Mongolian delegates

Published Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Mongolian government official says she hopes a fact finding mission to Enfield Council will help her country put in place regulations that will ultimately lead to the nation being a recommended trading partner of the European Union.

Jigjidmaa Dugeree, Project Leader from the Mongolian Business Inspection Reform project, was one of a group of government officials from the Asian country who visited Enfield Council to find out more about food hygiene regulations and the way local authorities enforced the law.
The two day visit, which also saw the delegation visit other councils and central government, was a fact finding trip to enable the Mongolian government to create and implement its own food hygiene legislation.
Ms Dugeree said: "Mongolia is now working on food safety laws and we wanted to see what the rest of the world was doing on this subject."
She added: "Everything is done differently in Mongolia, it is all done by the state and the government, we don't have local authorities involved in inspecting and we were really surprised, but it’s a good system, the inspectors are very skilled and are very knowledgeable and they know local circumstances and when to act with discretion.
"We don't have experience or do much exporting of food at the moment because Mongolia is not on the list of permitted countries for export with the EU but I hope with the new food safety laws in place and better understanding of food hygiene it will make trade relations with Europe possible."
During their stay, the Mongolia delegation took part in inspection visits at Snowbird Foods, Wharf Road and Morrisons Supermarket in Southbury Road, Enfield to find out more about how food hygiene regulations were enforced in the UK. They were impressed with the standards of food safety they saw.
Enfield Council's Cabinet member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: "I'm delighted we've been able to help the Mongolian people learn more about food hygiene and I'd like to think our support will help them to put in place robust laws to protect consumers from the owners of irresponsible food premises.
"We have a good track record of promoting food safety in Enfield and we're always willing to share our expertise with others.
" By working with other Countries we maybe able to improve our services to our residents as well as them learning from us".

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