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Council - NHS partnership delivers healthier takeaways for Enfield

Published Wednesday, 25 May 2011

An exciting new pilot project involving a nutritionist, dietitian and food safety officer will now make it easier for residents in Enfield to choose a takeaway meal and still be able to eat a balanced diet. The project will include food outlets which are positioned near to residential areas and schools.

Under the project, local takeaways are working with a nutritionist and food safety officer from Enfield Council, plus a dietitian from Enfield Community Services to help make changes to their menus so that customers have the choice of healthier options.   This means that the businesses will be offering dishes with reduced salt, saturated fat and sugar which will contribute to the reduction of diet related illnesses in Enfield.

Once businesses have modified their menus, the nutritionist and dietician will assess the changes made. The businesses  will be presented with certificates showing that they have participated in the project and provide takeaway food with improved nutritional content.

Fiona O'Leary, senior dietician at the healthcare provider, Enfield Community Services said: "This is a fantastic opportunity! In Enfield, as well as nationally the numbers of overweight and clinically obese children and adults are rising.

"The result of this is more of us than ever have Type II diabetes, heart disease and cancers and this is putting an enormous strain on the NHS and Council resources."

Julia Dowsett, public health nutritionist at Enfield Council, said  " This project is part of a borough wide initiative to make healthier eating choices easier for the residents of Enfield."

Cllr Christine Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Public Health said "There is no reason that takeaways have to serve unhealthy meals.

"With a little more care taken with ingredients, and different methods used for the cooking and preparation of foods, high street eating outlets can serve convenient and nutritious food. This is an excellent initiative."

Dr Shahed Ahmad, Joint Director of Public Health said "Too many people in Enfield have heart attacks and strokes too early. This is something we must change.

"Giving our residents more opportunities to eat healthier food will help reduce unnecessary deaths from heart disease and stroke".

The project's impact will be monitored over the next six months and if successful a similar project will be rolled out to other food outlets in Enfield.

One local business, 'Pizza Line' of 2 Kendal Parade close to the Great Cambridge roundabout has built on some of the good practice they had already implemented.

Owner Ahmad Yazdanpanah said "Here at Pizza Line, we make up fresh dough daily on site, and have reduced the salt content of the dough by nearly 60%.

"We are committed to working with the project partners and are very excited to have this opportunity to offer healthier choices to our customers"

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