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Mystery Broomfield tree cutting has Council stumped

Published Friday, 29 October 2010

This week Cllr Chris Bond, Cabinet Member for Environment, Street Scene and Parks took a trip to Broomfield Park in Palmers Green to see for himself damage that had been done to some trees by a vandal.

broomfield trees

The trees, which had been sawn at waist height, look to have been damaged in a pattern, which would allow a local road, Lucerne Close, uninterrupted views of Alexandra Palace and the City.

Chris met some Friends of Broomfield Park, Zahir and Geraldine Anwar and Tony Elliott, and examined the devastated trees for himself. Some were over 30 years old, and included three lime trees. Several others were also damaged in the same location.

The latest tree to be sawn clean in half was a remembrance tree, a flowering cherry.

Steve Notman, Tree Officer for Enfield Council said "It does appear to have been done in the dark with a saw. I can't believe that no-one has seen them do it, but unless we stop them, more trees may be damaged."

Parks staff had to fell the damaged trees to make them safe. The damaged trees will be replaced.

Cllr Bond said "This is an absolute disgrace that someone should come and do this to our beautiful trees, some of which are very mature. To saw a memorial tree was also the last straw, for the family to find their loved one's tree just hacked in half like that was heartless. We will of course replace the trees but are loathe to do so until we catch the perpetrator.

"We are not certain of their motives, but it does seem very suspicious that they do seem to have been attacked in this very clear pattern leading off from the direction of Lucerne Close and stretching off into the direction of Central London.

"Police patrols of the park have been stepped up since these incidents, and we would urge anyone who has seen anything suspicious to contact police." 

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