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Be a friend recycle a phone to save a life

Published Friday, 17 September 2010

Enfield Council’s enviro chief is urging residents to recycle their old mobiles to help stop domestic violence.


Councillor Chris Bond's clarion call was promoting the fonesforsafety® project, which recycles unwanted mobiles into 'emergency only' phones for victims of domestic violence.

Cllr Bond said: "If you want to expose anyone cowardly enough of inflicting violence on their partner, please drop your old phone off at one of Enfield's libraries for recycling into an emergency only mobile.  It could save someone's life."

The project brings together Enfield Council's Community Safety Unit and Environment Unit, Metropolitan Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Project and recycling charity CRISP.

The mobiles are recycled into "999 emergency only" personal alarms for those who have experienced domestic violence.  

To recycle your old phone simply drop it off at the collection points in all Council libraries.                
Or by post, just put your phone in a strong envelope or box and address it (no postage needed) to:

Fonesforsafety - CRISP
SE17 1BR

Please print ENF on the bottom corner of the envelope. 

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