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CCTV cameras keep safe eye on Enfield

Published Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Enfield Council’s CCTV operators have been keeping the public safe by helping the police to track down and arrest wanted criminals.

Enfield Council officers kicked off a successful week at 3.05pm on 11 January by spotting a vehicle driven by a man wanted for a violent domestic assault. They alerted police and the driver was arrested for making threats to kill.

Then on 13 January a car which failed to stop for police was tracked by CCTV operators as it travelled along Mollison Avenue at 12.23pm . Despite attempting to ram a police car and run away the driver was tracked to his hiding place and police informed, resulting in his arrest for failing to stop.

On 17 January one man suspected of being a disqualified driver with a passenger who was known to be a vehicle thief were seen driving down Green Lanes on CCTV at 8.23am. Again police were dispatched to intercept them and again the pair were stopped and arrested.

On 18 January a man wanted in connection with a sex crime was seen driving into Glover Drive at 2.50pm. Again CCTV operators guided police to his location where he was arrested.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Organisations and Culture, Cllr Yasemin Brett said “Our CCTV operators are like eyes in the sky, and they have a great record of identifying the cars of suspected criminals and directing police officers to their locations so the occupants can be arrested.

“Our network of cameras cover most of the borough and can track any vehicle or person who tries to escape the law. We are determined to reduce crime in Enfield and I am delighted that all these arrests were made by Enfield Council’s CCTV network working so closely with our colleagues in the police”.

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