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‘Don’t be a Tosser’ says Enfield Council

Published Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Enfield Council is urging residents not to be ‘tossers’ as part of a hard-hitting campaign to tackle the problem of flytipping in the borough.

Flytipping The ‘Don’t be a Tosser’ campaign urges residents to take care of their streets and dispose of their waste properly, instead of dumping it on streets and open spaces for someone else to clean up.

The campaign focuses on the unacceptable amount of rubbish, building waste and other materials which is dumped on the borough's streets every day. Each year it costs Enfield Council £4.4m to clean up the borough.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “Enfield Council wants residents to be responsible and clean up after themselves by making sure they dispose of their waste properly instead of leaving it for other people to clear up.

“We are immensely proud of our borough and we don’t want a moronic minority wrecking the environment because they can’t be bothered to dispose of their rubbish properly. Fly tipping is anti-social as well as illegal and is a crime against everyone in Enfield. Therefore, we will not hesitate to prosecute people we catch fouling our environment in this manner and if they end up in court they could face six months in jail or a fine of up to £25,000.

“We are urging people ‘Don’t be a Tosser’, and don’t leave your rubbish on the streets of our beautiful borough. We can arrange for items to be collected from your doorstep or, if you prefer, you can take it to our recycling site.

“The other advantage of residents disposing of waste properly is it means we don’t have to spend as much money cleaning up after people and can invest that money in vital services.”

Enfield Council is also urging residents to help the council keep the borough clean by reporting incidents of fly tipping through its new look Enfield Council website. The new service makes council services more accessible than ever before and residents who sign up for an Enfield Connected account will be able to pay bills, learn about job opportunities and see what is happening in their community as well as report problems.

To report an issue or sign up for an Enfield Connected Account visit: Link

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