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Children hit high note for Cycle Enfield

Published Monday, 18 January 2016

Officers from Enfield Council’s Cycle Enfield Team visited Eastfield Primary School this week to showcase the benefits of cycling to pupils, to help youngsters write a tune about sustainable travel and sing the new ‘Cycle Enfield Song’.

Cycle Enfield This was the first of 20 Cycle Enfield sustainable travel shows, which will be rolled out to primary schools across the borough and sees children and teachers taking part in a fun, live, musical performance with song, dance and illustration.  Performances will highlight the impact of pollution on the environment and the benefits of active transportation, especially for journeys to and from school.

Children will learn about fossil fuels and discover that walking and cycling are positive forms of transportation, which do not pollute the air. All performances will include the new Cycle Enfield song ‘Age of the Bike’, which highlights the positive impact cycling has on health and the environment, and was produced by children from schools across Enfield.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “It’s wonderful that as a result of the sustainable travel performance over 6,000 children in Enfield will really understand how active travel can benefit them and those around them.  

“It is these future generations who will reap the greatest benefit from the investment in Cycle Enfield and it’s great to see at the events they’re literally shouting out the benefits of walking and cycling and understanding the link between this and their longer term health.  

“It’s for these young people that we have to make the most of the Cycle Enfield investment from Transport for London.  To do that, we’ll continue to listen to what the community have to say about our proposals and their views will help shape the final designs”.

The programme aims to raise awareness amongst young people that cycling is a fantastic and fun form of transport that will help to keep them fit and healthy whilst reducing pollution and congestion on the roads.  ‘Age of the Bike’ extolls the joys of riding a bike and explains how life by bike is better, healthier, more fun and less stressful then a life predominantly transported by cars.

The Headteacher of Eastfield School, Christalla Jamil, said “We felt privileged that Eastfield has been part of the Cycle Enfield sustainable travel show.

“The children and I were not only inspired to do more, but it has inspired us to bring about change.

“We’re now starting the journey of encouraging more of our children to walk and cycle to school; together we will reduce our carbon footprint and make Enfield even greener!"

The Cycle Enfield consultation for the Southern part of the A1010 is open until Friday 12th February; the consultation for the northern part will take place later in the year. People of all ages can have their say, visit to find out more.

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