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Open House Success for Enfield

Published Friday, 15 January 2016

Enfield Council received a report this week celebrating the borough’s contribution to Open House Weekend which took place over the weekend of 19 / 20 September 2015.

Based on figures received by ‘Open-City’(the organisation that runs the events), feedback for the borough of Enfield included:
- 50% of visitors to Enfield went to an area within the borough that they had not been to before as a direct result of the event;
- 43% will revisit an area within the borough as a direct result of the event;
- 17% of visitors were local to the area, 81% from other areas of London and 2% from elsewhere.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet member for Community Organisations and Culture, Cllr Yasemin Brett, said: “Open House Weekend is a unique chance to explore some of the beautiful historic buildings that we have in Enfield that are not open to the public or where you may not have considered visiting before.

“Research this year has shown how the event provides real economic benefit to areas that take part, this year during Open House Weekend in Enfield 48% of visitors spent over £20; this is of real benefit to local traders.

“We are proud of Enfield’s heritage and remember many of these historic gems are open all year round to visit, such as Forty Hall. Why not see for yourself how wonderful they are?”

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