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Foodbank celebrates Mitzvah project

Published Monday, 30 November 2015

Mitzvah Day on 22 November is a time to perform a good deed and Enfield Council staff and elected members are wholeheartedly embracing this idea by supporting it with a special food collection for the North Enfield Foodbank.

Over the first few weeks of November they have been building up a supply of non- perishable tinned and packet food and toiletries for the foodbank in Lincoln Road.

Cabinet Members, Cllr Yasemin Brett for Community Organisations & Culture is promoting Mitzvah Day and is taking the council’s collection to the Foodbank on Thursday 26 November

Cllr Brett, said: “This is a wonderful inter-faith project for the council. Staff and fellow councillors have responded magnificently.

“But we can all do something to ensure that families and people living on low incomes; lone pensioners and young people do not go without food. The lead from our Jewish community has encouraged us to gather food and items for the foodbank and it is much appreciated.”

Mitzvah Day is rooted in Jewish tradition. Its Hebrew meaning is about performing a good act or deed that will have good consequences for others regardless of religion, race, age, political belief or gender.

Cllr Brett said: "It is a totally selfless act of giving or kindness and fits in well with the council’s vision for equality and fairness. Foodbanks around the country are doing great work and if we can help them on Mitzvah Day – and indeed throughout the year, we shall be contributing to a great cause."

Kerry Coe from the North Enfield Foodbank, said: “Our foodbank is a vital source of support to so many people so we are delighted that Enfield Council staff and councillors chose us as their Mitzvah Day project.

“In April 2012 we opened and since then we have provided 15,000 people living in Enfield with food – and this includes over 6,000 children. The generosity from the council and many other organisations is helping us to support people in crisis and this delivery will help many families.”

The North Enfield Foodbank receives food from all over the borough but there is also a growing need for all kinds of toiletries such as: soap, flannels, shampoo and toilet paper – this helps people to recover their self - confidence.

The North Enfield Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust - a wide network of foodbanks across the country largely staffed by volunteers.

Cllr Brett said: “Our new campaign for volunteers is ‘Be an Enfield Hero’, so anyone inspired to help at the foodbank should contact: Kerry Coe on 07826 542119 or email the foodbank at  Link

“By donating food or other items you’ll certainly be a hero for at least one family. The foodbank is also looking for people who can assist in the office, help out with or put on events, become a Trussell Trust Ambassador, get involved in talks and publicity or help with maintenance/DIY. This carries on the spirit of Mitzvah Day.”


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