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Internet fraudster fined £90,000 after Enfield Council prosecution

Published Tuesday, 08 September 2015

A resident who was caught distributing fake goods to unsuspecting buyers was fined £90,000 after he was prosecuted by Enfield Council. He was also ordered to pay £35,000 to the Council for their costs in bringing the prosecution, and given a 12-month sentence suspended for 2 years with 200 hours of unpaid work.

Atif Khan, 34, from Lockyer Mews, Enfield, pleaded guilty to 15 Trade Marks Act offences at Wood Green Crown Court on 1 September. He was caught selling counterfeit goods on the website ‘Assistworld’. The fine must be paid within three months, or Khan faces two years in prison.

Enfield Council’s trading standards team searched Khan’s home address, which he was using as the base for his internet selling business, Assist Products Ltd. Counterfeit fitness products, educational DVDs and bras were seized along with documents and computers.

Visits were also undertaken by trading standards officers to warehouses in Leicester and Milton Keynes from which further goods held for Mr Khan were removed.

In all, more than 380 counterfeit products were seized during raids along with computers.

It emerged that Khan was working as a distributor supplying thousands of goods ordered through a variety of websites; and some of his victims included employees from the army, hospitals and high street retailers.

Evidence was gathered, which showed his accounts had been suspended on websites due to supplying fake goods, and the UK Border Agency had also written to him about counterfeit goods supplied from China.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said “I am delighted that through officers painstaking efforts Enfield Council has led a successful prosecution and brought a prolific internet fraudster to book.

“However, I'd strongly advise the public to take great care when buying online, as the net is awash with fake goods. Nonetheless, Mr Khan's prosecution has helped prevent thousands of counterfeit goods from flooding the market.

“Enfield Council will do everything it can, not only in bringing those who sell fake products to justice, but also in seeking to confiscate any profit they make from doing so, as we have done in this case.”

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