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Workshop aims to reduce smoking in Turkish community

Published Monday, 18 May 2015

Since research by Enfield Council shows that smoking in the Turkish community is three times greater than the national average, a special workshop will address this very important health issue.

The research showed that 55% of Turkish males and 41% of Turkish females smoke.  This compares to the borough average of 15.8%.  Even more worrying is that this was in a sample of people aged 11-25 and that some people did not recognise that smoking specialist tobacco through a water pipe (shisha) as smoking.

The workshop is therefore intended to explore how smoking in this community can be stopped. It will include both helping smokers to stop and young people not to start. 

Dr. Mick Ozkar, consultant cardiologist at the North Middlesex Hospital, will start the workshop by talking about the dangers of smoking and one of the Council’s Stop Smoking Service’s smoking advisors, Ufuc Genc will talk about what is already happening in the borough.  Workshop participants will then discuss how smoking in the Turkish community can reduce smoking most quickly. 

Cllr Alev Cazimoglu, Enfield Council’s new Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care said, “This research is both shocking and frightening and we want to find the best way to get our messages across. Smoking is often a cultural and social activity among Turkish communities.

“However, I am determined that we look at all ways of getting messages across that will support people not to start smoking or persuade people to stop. Whether it is for health, financial or social reasons web must promote messages that will convince the Turkish community as much as they have already reached other communities.”

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