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Get on our bikes to have some fun

Published Wednesday, 17 June 2015

In just a year Enfield Council’s Inclusive Cycling Scheme at Bush Hill Park has become a resounding success with over 2,200 visits from people of all ages and abilities enjoying it.

And to mark the first anniversary of this service, Enfield Council is organising a celebration with free cycle rides; guest speakers and celebrity sports trainer, Richard Callender.

10.30am – 2.30pm
Tuesday 23 June
Bush Hill Park, EN1 3XQ (between Lincoln Road & Southbury Road)

With plenty of adapted cycles there is something to suit a variety of different needs. Many cycles accommodate two riders as well as wheel chair users; and they can all be pedalled safely on a level cycle track through the park.

Cllr Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “This fantastic scheme demonstrates the popularity of cycling in Enfield and supports our determination to encourage people of all abilities and in all parts of the borough to cycle.

“As part of the ‘Cycle Enfield’ initiative focusing on cycling for health, reducing traffic congestion, creating safer routes and just having healthy fun, the inclusive scheme is a winner. It builds on the £30 million from the Mayor of London’s Mini-Holland fund to develop safer cycling routes and create a more cycle friendly environment in Enfield. Cycling is definitely a rewarding and efficient means of transport in Enfield and we want to get as many people as possible on their bikes.”

Cllr Alev Cazimoglu, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care added: “This service is extremely popular with people who have a physical disability, mobility problem or learning difficulty. They can enjoy cycling through a beautiful park, discovering their independence.

“This past year they have been able to try out different models, share bikes with friends or carers and have some fun and exercise in the fresh air. The council has purchased cycles to meet almost every need.”

Anyone who wants to cycle can enjoy the route round Bush Hill Park. From children aged four to people in their eighties, cycling is becoming a healthy fulfilling pastime.

Peter Cripps, from Bush Hill Park, a regular user of the service said; “The staff are very good at helping me as I have not been cycling for 17 years. I am 84 years old and this scheme enables me to get back on a regular bike. With a bit of encouragement it all just came back to me.

“It is a wonderful feeling to get into the open and cycle round the park. I can assure everybody that the old saying is true – once you know how to ride a bike – you never really forget – and for me it has been an exhilarating experience getting back in the saddle.”

Bikes are a big passion at the Bush Hill Park Centre. Since last year even more adult and children’s tricycles have been acquired and six more step through adult bikes.

People are also encouraged to donate their old bikes to the young people from West Lea School who are learning how to repair and maintain them at their school shop in the North Mall at Edmonton Green.

Cllr Nneke Keazor, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health & Sport, said: “Our inclusive scheme is a great introduction for people learning how to cycle. It has sparked considerable interest with more people wanting to learn; others willing to take up repair and maintenance. As the weather warms up we expect more people to go to Bush Hill Park taking the opportunity to cycle in a traffic free environment on bikes they can manage.”

Over a 35 week period there was a total of 2,249 attendances at the scheme. 168 individuals and organisations have registered with the scheme

Enfield Council is committed to promoting cycling throughout the borough by providing training, safer and more expansive routes across the borough and working with schools and friends of parks groups.

Enfield Council won £30 million as one of the three big winners of the Mayor of London’s Mini-Holland funding plan to improve cycling facilities and encourage more people to get on their bikes by transforming roads into genuinely cycle friendly places. A public consultation for the first route along Green Lanes will be announced in July.

The inclusive scheme is open all year round (weather permitting) from Tuesday to Friday (inclusive) from 10.30am-1.30pm. To contact the Inclusive Cycling Scheme call 020 8379 2445 Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 3.30pm to register and book for free.

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