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Fatty food survey should NOT be taken with a pinch of salt

Published Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Enfield Council’s Food Safety Team has released new figures showing high levels of salt and fat in five take-away outlets used by school children.

Mighty Chicken, Favourite Chicken and Spice Grill in Hertford Road, eastern Enfield and Yum Yum, and Creole Cuisine in the Market Place, in Enfield Town were randomly selected by the team as part of a London-wide survey on food dangers for teenagers outside the school gates.

Carol Colins of the Food Safety Team said: "As part of our role to inform residents of how healthy nutritional and safe Enfield's food establishments are, we took part in this important survey.

"The results speak for themselves.  We have given advice to these five eateries and provided information to the public, it is now for takeaways and parents to make their own minds up on how best they can provide a healthy balanced meal for their customers and children."

The five eateries were measured on the Food Standards Agency traffic light labelling method.

The results below show the five score 'red' ten times in the three categories of salt, fat and saturated fat.

                               Salt  fat  Saturated fat

Mighty Chicken         red  red  red
Yum Yum                 red   red  green
Favourite Chicken      red  red  red
Creole Cuisine           amber  amber  green
Spice Grill                 amber  red  red

The premises were randomly chosen by officers on where school children have been seen at lunchtimes and after school.  There are no legal requirements on nutrition for caterers and no enforcement is possible.

Ms Collins said the Council will continue to be vigilant in protecting consumers and residents interests in health and hygiene.


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