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New wetlands bring diversity to Pymmes

Published Thursday, 04 June 2015

This week senior councillors saw for themselves the beginnings of the £200,000 wetlands project at Pymmes Park in Edmonton.

Pymmes wetlands

The wetlands project, which will be built over the next year by the council, will help tackle any remaining pollution, but will also make the area a haven for wildlife.

Cllr Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment joined Cllr George Savva, Associate Cabinet Member for Edmonton to visit Pymmes Park lake which historically suffered serious pollution because of a history of drainage misconnections from some residential properties around it.

Working with Thames Water, Enfield Council has visited hundreds of properties to tackle the problem caused by waste water pipes from properties carrying dirty water being connected straight into the fresh water system and emptying straight into the lake.

Most of these problems have been caused by badly plumbed in extra bathrooms or extensions which have seen drainage pipes being connected incorrectly to the water system.

More than 8,000 homes were contacted, while others are still being visited by officers and more than 300 problems with faulty plumbing rectified.

Thames Water have also recently reconnected a surface water pipe to stop the lake becoming stagnant.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “The problem of pollution in Pymmes Park has been with us for years, and thanks to the dedicated work of our partners the Friends of Pymmes Park, Enfield Council, Thames Water, the Environment Agency and Thames21 we are really getting on top of the problem.

“Thousands of local homes have been contacted and spoken to about their misconnections, and further work is still ongoing. To hear that over 300 properties have been reconnected properly and that Thames Water have rerouted surface water into the lake is fantastic, a real achievement.

“The wetlands, which are being constructed, will go a step further to minimise pollution as the plants and animals placed there will help reduce contaminants. In addition it will create a beautiful centrepiece for wildlife and a place for people to go to enjoy the park.”

Jenny Jenkins, the Acting Chair of the Friends of Pymmes Park said: “These new wetlands have taken years of planning and a lot of hard work across organisations to make it happen. From tackling the misconnections which pumped pollutants into the lake, the tireless lobbying of the Friends Group and the fantastic teamwork amongst partner organisations, I really feel we are achieving something worthwhile.

“The wetlands will be a beautiful place for people to visit in Pymmes Park, will also attract varied species to make it their home and reduce pollution as well! We are looking forward to its construction.”

John Bryden, Senior Programmes Manager for Thames21 said: “The pollution of Pymmes Park lake has been on-going for a significant period of time with the sources of pollution coming from a wide area including Winchmore Hill and Palmers Green.

“This project has not only undertaken detailed work to identify and correct homes and businesses which are incorrectly plumbed and inadvertently putting their toilets, sinks and shower water into the lake and Pymmes Brook, but also developed this wetland to filter and clean the rain which runs off the roads in the area, which can contain oils, tars and sediments further polluting the lake and brook.

“This project is one of the first of its kind in the UK, and really sets an extremely high standard for others to follow in how to resolve the pollution of our rivers and waterways, while creating an excellent environment for wildlife such as dragonflies and wetland birds to live in and people to enjoy.”

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