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Campaign promotes maternity services

Published Monday, 18 May 2015

As soon as their pregnancies are confirmed expectant mums are being urged by Enfield Council to use maternity services to get the best possible care.

The ASAP, As Soon As you are Pregnant, health campaign is being widely promoted by Enfield Council to increase the take up of maternity services in Enfield.

Cllr Nneka Keazor, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Sport said: “There is strong evidence that early access to maternity services improve outcomes for women and their babies. Advice on diet, exercise, relationships and general care can help women maintain their health and that of their babies during this important time.

“This campaign is part of the council’s plan to improve the health of all people living in the borough.”

As pregnancy proceeds regular monitoring is crucial to ensure expectant mothers remain healthy and their babies are developing properly. Regular checks such as blood tests, weight and blood pressure help to ensure that both mothers and babies remain healthy

Maternity services can also keep watch over women with conditions that can affect a pregnancy such as diabetes and help them safely through childbirth.

Cllr Keazor added, “I cannot stress just how important early booking and regular attendance for antenatal care is, to help spot any problems for both mothers and babies and result in better health for them. The ASAP campaign is telling women to contact their GP or their local maternity service so that they receive the best service.”

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