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By George a dragon slayer at Forty Hall

Published Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Armed with no more than his trusty sword and shield for protection, St George faced a living beast breathing fire and raging outside the Forty Hall.

Dragon makers with St George

St George, played by seasoned character actor and Forty Hall manager Gavin Williams, and the dragon played by a dozen children from Forty Hill primary school, who have made a special dragon costume for the occasion, were promoting the borough's special 2012 Olympics pin badges.

Olympics Icon with St George and dragoneers from Forty Hill school

Gavin said, "Enfield's famous Jacobean mansion is the iconic building voted by Enfield residents as the symbol of Enfield for the London Olympics pin badges.

"We wanted to remind people that we have not forgotten St George's Day and thought that linking this with Forty Hall would make a fun event."

Enfield Council has 500 badges which will be used to promote the London Olympics and Enfield's part in it.

Leisure manager, Simon Gardner, said, "Each London borough has its own unique pin which takes a famous place in the borough as a feature incorporated into the 2012 logo design.

"We plan to distribute the badges to people involved in the Olympics and groups and individuals who make a contribution in the borough. We are also going to make them available for sale at Forty Hall."

Forty Hill headteacher, Richard Yarwood, said, "Our children have enjoyed making the dragon costume. They have worked hard both at making the costume and performing. The pin badges will be a great memento for them."

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