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Avoid too much sugar

Published Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Enfield residents are being urged to cut back on sugar after research has shown how strong the relationship is between sugar and tooth decay.

Health charity Change4Life is concerned about this trend and has published information to show how easy it is to make sugar swaps.

Sugar is the biggest cause of dental decay but can be reduced or avoided through:
• Reducing / stopping sugar in drinks
• Swopping sugary drinks for lower-fat milks or sugar-free drinks
• Swopping sugary snacks for healthier snacks
• Swopping sugary cereals for cereals with less sugar

To see how much sugar you could save you could visit the Change4life website: 

Cllr Rohini Simbodyal, Enfield Council’s Cabinet member for Culture, Sport, Youth and Public Health said "Research shows that even if 5% of calories comes from sugar tooth decay doubles in children. Sugar is also a major source of ‘empty calories’ in both children and adults so reducing intake would benefit all sections of our society by helping people maintain a healthy weight.

“Enfield Council has launched a new website that will enable us all to make small changes to help maintain a healthy weight and live longer and without illness, such as information on making healthier food choices and how to be more active”.

Find out more at: Link

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