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Tesco sweet ban backed by Enfield Council

Published Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Enfield Council responded this week to the news that 12 of Tesco’s stores in the borough have removed sweets and chocolates from the checkouts to promote healthy living.

The shop has said that by removing the temptation from checkouts it will help parents with young children who may suffer from pester power to buy the sugary snacks.

Easy access to high calorie sweets and chocolates at checkouts has concerned health experts for many years.

A recent study by the University of Sheffield found nine in ten items at the checkouts of supermarket convenience stores would be considered ‘very unhealthy’, according to Food Standards Agency guidelines.

 The vast majority of these were chocolate treats and stacked on shelves at one metre and below, which is directly in the eye-line of children aged 3-5.

Cllr Rohini Simbodyal, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport, Youth and Public Health said “I applaud this decision by Tesco to remove sweets from the checkout area; it is an important move to encourage a less sugary diet for children.

“Enfield Council has been working hard to reduce obesity in children, our Public Health Report 2014 shows that 12.6% of children in reception year were obese in 2012/13; this is a drop from 13.1% the previous year.

"This fall has been driven by significant work carried out by the council to encourage healthy eating in schools, work to promote healthy lifestyles through the Change 4 Life programme and major investment in the borough’s leisure centres, sporting facilities and parks to encourage people to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

“The removal of sweets from the checkout shows a real sense of corporate social responsibility, and it is really appreciated. I do hope other retailers will follow suit.”

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