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Bin the booze 2015

Published Thursday, 08 January 2015

Enfield residents are being challenged to bin the booze for January and sign up to the Alcohol Concern Campaign - Dry January.

Enfield Council is backing the campaign which aims to give people the opportunity to make a healthy start to the New Year by avoiding the after work pint, the big boozy night out or the sneaky glass of wine on the sofa in front of the television.

Cutting down on alcohol will give residents the chance to avoid those killer hangovers, save money and reduce their waistlines after the excesses of Christmas. Health benefits are likely to include improved sleep, weight loss, improved skin and hair quality and save money.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport Youth and Public Health, Cllr Rohini Simbodyal, said: "We're encouraging people to take part in the Dry January challenge to see if they can bin the booze for the month of January.

"It’s a light hearted challenge which aims to get across the message that too much alcohol isn't good for you and many people would probably benefit from drinking less. I'm signing up and I'd urge as many residents as possible to take part as well and see if they can stop drinking for just one month.

"Many people think the way they drink isn’t a problem. They may have a few beers after work, or a few glasses of wine in the evening. They don’t think this will harm their health; they are just winding down after a hard day at work. But this kind of drinking could store up problems for the future."

Did you know?
• Alcohol Concern estimates that around 200,000 thousand people go to work with a hangover every day, costing the economy around £6.4 billion each year.
• And it's not just at work that the cost of alcohol misuse is racking up; overall alcohol related harm is estimated to be between £20 - £55 billion each year, the figure being made up of alcohol-related health disorders and disease, crime and antisocial behaviour, loss of productivity in the workplace, and problems for those who misuse alcohol and their families, including domestic violence.
• People who regularly drink over the recommended limits are more likely to suffer health problems such as liver disease, heart disease and high blood pressure. Alcohol is also the second biggest risk factor for oral cancer after smoking.

For those who are concerned about their drinking and need some extra help and information about cutting down or stopping please contact Enfield’s Drug and Alcohol Support Service for some free and confidential advice on (020) 8379 6174 or email Email

Join in by signing up at Link

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