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Everyone's a winner in Empty Property scheme

Published Thursday, 04 December 2014

Homeowners are being urged to join an innovative scheme designed to bring empty properties back into use, tackle anti-social behaviour, raise property prices and provide income for residents.

Enfield Council's Empty Property Scheme targets homes which are vacant or in a poor state of repair because they can have a negative effect on the area they are in. Such properties can devalue neighbouring property and become a target for anti-social behaviour, squatters, vandals and burglars.

The call to action coincides with the Empty Homes Agency’s Empty Homes Week which started on December 1 and encourages individuals and organisations to work to bring empty homes back into use.

It also aims to make the most of this week by publicising the good work different organisations are doing and to make the case for plans to bring long-term empty homes back into use a priority both locally and nationally.

Enfield Council also wants residents to get in touch if they know of an empty property blighting their area, so the owners can be contacted and helped to bring it back into use.

To address the issues surrounding these properties, Enfield Council runs a successful programme to work with owners to bring properties which are vacant and in a poor state of repair into habitable use. 

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal, Cllr Ahmet Oykener, said: “Not only does this scheme remove the negative effects of the empty properties but it provides additional income for the owner and also brings extra housing into the borough. That’s good news for homeowners, communities, residents and the council.

“However, in order to bring empty homes back into use, we need the help of everyone to identify and report them to us. If you own, live next door to or simply know of a privately owned empty property, in Enfield , including properties which are squatted, please get in touch.

“We have a shortage of decent quality family sized accommodation in Enfield and every property we bring back into use provides a roof over the head of a desperate family.”

There are a number of support schemes to encourage owners to make use of empty properties, such as the Keeping House Scheme for owners of empty property who are living in care or the Grants and Nominations Scheme for owners who may need help with home improvements.

To find out more visit the webpage here.

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