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Killer hats seized by Enfield Council

Published Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Potentially lethal hats which pose a serious strangulation risk to children have been seized and removed from sale by Enfield Council’s Trading Standards team.

The colourful hats are furry and styled to look like animal characters and are comprised of a combined hat and scarf incorporating two arms with a bobble. One of the arms has an eyelet but when worn with one of the arms through he eyelet a noose is created which presents a strangulation risk to children.

Samples from the stall in Enfield Town were visited after a tip off from other trading standards teams, the fear being that they pose a significant strangulation risk from entrapment to children aged from two to eight years when climbing or using playground equipment such as slides, 10-14 year olds could sustain severe injury or death cause by entrapment of a garment in moving parts

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety, Cllr Chris Bond, said: “It beggars belief that stall holders are prepared make a quick buck by selling potentially lethal hats aimed at young children.

“We are determined to track down and seize any dangerous products on display in the run up to Christmas and beyond, to protect residents for harm and remove hazardous products from sale in this borough.

“I would urge parents to check any items they purchase for their children meet the recommended standards to ensure they are safe to wear, it would be a tragedy if any child or young person was harmed because their parents unwittingly purchased a dangerous product from an irresponsible trader.”

Importers or manufacturers of garments which are worn around the neck must ensure that they are designed to be easily detachable in case they become entangled and a retailer or stall holder is required to act with due care to help ensure that the products they supply are safe.

In particular they must not supply products which they should know or should have presumed, on the basis of information in their possession, to be dangerous if on sale those products should be withdrawn from sale.

Residents should report any concerns they have about potentially dangerous products by contacting Trading Standards on 020 8379 1000.

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