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Enfield launches Dog Poo Patrol

Published Wednesday, 17 March 2010

As part of its on-going battle to keep Enfield streets clean, the Council has launched a crackdown on irresponsible dog owners who allow their pooch to poo on the borough’s pavements.

Councillor Terry Neville, cabinet member for environment said: "We have received many complaints from residents over dog faeces on pavements and as a responsive council we launched these special patrols.

"Enfield Council has hugely improved the cleanliness of the borough's streets over the last few years and we are determined to be as pristine as possible and free of dog poo too."

Enfield Council received up to 215 complaints surrounding dog mess on the borough's streets this year so far.

As a result officers from Enfield Council's enviro crime team identified Dog Poo Hot Spots, where they will be patrolling on selected days every month.

Officers will advise owners how they can safely dispose of dog mess and if they fail to clean up their pooch's poo they will receive a £80 fine.

Cllr Neville said: "The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and dispose of their pet's mess without any fuss, either in a special dog poo bin or wrapped up in paper in a regular bin.  However there is a selfish minority who allow their dogs to defecate on our streets and not clear it away without a thought to the cleanliness of their neighbourhood or the serious health implications, especially to young children."

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