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High tech fight against burglary starts

Published Monday, 10 November 2014

Homeowners will be able to use a high tech CSI type deterrent to repel burglars after Enfield Council forked out £18,000 for the state-of-the-art SmartWater property marking liquid.

Residents who want to get their hands on the invisible liquid should contact their dedicated ward officer for the details of their local Neighbourhood Watch. This will allow hundreds of residents to mark their own possessions, there are also kits specifically designed to mark cars.

SmartWater is an invisible, individually traceable liquid and property marking system that can be applied to any non-porous surface on items of value to deter theft and to help identify culprits for prosecution. The liquid leaves a long lasting and unique identifier that is invisible to the naked eye except under an ultraviolet black light.

Each individual batch has its own specific signature which means that when police retrieve property marked with SmartWater they can immediately return it to its rightful owner. Prosecutions involving evidence gleaned from SmartWater have a 100 per cent prosecution rate.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety, Cllr Chris Bond, said: “Christmas is a time to be happy and not jolly annoyed that someone has broken into your house and stolen your prized possessions, so we’d urge residents to take sensible precautions to ensure they have an enjoyable festive season.

“Using SmartWater is a great way of protecting your property and it is a known deterrent for burglars who know that if they get caught handling items marked with it, they are probably going to go to jail. We’ve purchased a massive batch so residents can have peace of mind this Christmas that their possessions are safe.

“We’re also advising people to take other sensible precautions over the winter months to further minimise the chance of being targeted by burglars so they have a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year.”

DI Greg Coates, Detective Inspector Crime Reduction and Partnerships, said " I am delighted Enfield Council has taken the decision to invest in this product, which will greatly enhance our ability to trace property, prosecute offenders and thereby safeguard residents against burglary.

“We have jointly decided to roll this out through Neighbourhood Watch, and I would encourage all residents interested starting or joining a Watch to contact their dedicated Ward Officer."

Contact your local Ward Officer by going here, and entering your postcode: Link

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