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Son pays the price for blue badge fraud

Published Thursday, 16 October 2014

A BMW driver who repeatedly used his mother’s disabled blue badge to park outside a pub has been ordered to pay £1,600 by magistrates.

Martin Gazi, of Church Road, Croydon, was prosecuted by Enfield Council and pleaded guilty to four counts of blue badge fraud, he was ordered to pay fines of £1,000, £500 costs and a £100 victim surcharge at Tottenham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday October 16.
His black BMW Z5 was spotted by enforcement officers parked on a single yellow line outside Taps Public House on March 24, without a valid parking ticket but with a blue badge on display.
Enforcement officers were able to establish that the badge had been issued by Croydon Council to Mr Gazi’s mother. When officers contacted Croydon Council they discovered that the blue badge had been cancelled after being reported lost.

The badge-holder said in a written statement when requesting a replacement blue badge that she last used the badge when Mr Gazi had driven her to hospital. When she realised she did not have it she phoned him, but he told her he had given the badge back to her.
The blue badge used by Mr Gazi had an expiry date of 5 October 2013 on it, however Mr Gazi  carefully covered the date when displaying the badge in the hopes no one would notice. The vehicle was also previously spotted parked outside the Taps Public House on October 23 2013 on a single yellow line.
Gazi admitted under caution on 14 May that he had used the blue badge to park.
Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: “It is incredible that anyone would deliberately misuse their own mother’s blue badge in an attempt to park where he would not normally be permitted.
“This man will wake up today and realise that his decision to park in this manner has ultimately cost him £1,600. I sincerely hope that this sentence acts as a proper deterrent to the kind of people who think that it is appropriate to misuse someone else’s blue badge in this manner.”

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